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Discovery: Youth In Nature – At Home Welcomes You!

We invite you to join other youth across the Tri-Valley in fun learning activities you can do at home, in your yard, and in nearby parks. Explore core lessons with your teachers and classmates or at home with your family.

Welcome to Discovery: Youth In Nature – At Home!

Classroom Lessons

Lesson #1: Regions of CA

California is a diverse state with many bioregions that make it unique among all the other states. In this lesson, we will learn about the four key regions of our state and the animals, plants, and features that make up these distinct areas. Perhaps you have visited some of these areas, or will go there with your family. Turn on your Kami plug-in, your current knowledge, and your imagination!

Lesson #2: Watersheds

In this lesson we’ll learn about what a watershed is and why watersheds are so important to our lives and the nature around us. We’ll think about how the Tri-Valley works and how watersheds play a big role in the agriculture around us. This is another drawing project using symbols!

Lesson #3: Sit Spot

We can appreciate and explore nature on a hike, in our back or front yard, a local park, or even from our window at home! In this lesson, we’ll learn how to find a spot to connect with nature and practice our observation skills. Calling all artists, scientists, writers, and explorers!

Lesson #4: Stewardship

We all can play an important role in being good stewards of the land. In this lesson we will learn what it means to be a steward of the nature around us. We will each create an action plan to preserve the land for plants, animals, and humans to thrive. We are all in this together!

TVC Young Steward Challenges

Coming soon!

Complete extra challenges at home to earn badges and prizes as you learn about the nature around you!

Photo credits: Maze Runner by Kaitlyn Pang, Sunset in Springtown by Anna Rouse, Sit Spot by Unknown, The Endangered Livermore Tarplant by Regina Brinker