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Thanks to supporters like you, Tri-Valley Conservancy has helped preserve thousands of acres of open space for agriculture and parks. More than 500 acres have been acquired with the help of Tri-Valley Conservancy’s funds and grants but many more acres have been preserved forever through conservation easements. Tri-Valley Conservancy holds conservation easements, which protect properties’ resources like agriculture or wildlife habitat from urban development, on  more than 4,500 acres across over one hundred properties. Nearly 8,000 acres of vineyards, orchards, farms, ranches and parks have been protected through the South Livermore Valley Area Plan and the South Livermore Valley Specific Plan both of which have helped create Tri-Valley Conservancy as a non-profit and guide critical land preservation.

Lands Preserved by Tri-Valley Conservancy

South Livermore Valley Area Plan

  • 4,345 Acres Preserved
  • 64 Conservation Easements on over 100 properties
  • The South Livermore Valley Area Plan (SLVAP) was created to preserve the area’s vineyards and wineries, enhance recognition as a premium wine-producing region, and to incentivize investment and expansion of vineyards and other cultivated agriculture.
  • South Livermore Valley Specific Plan
    • 3,215 Acres Preserved
    • The South Livermore Valley Specific Plan (SLVSP) requires that development occurring in the area known as the South Livermore Valley  must preserve one acre for every house built and for every acre built on, an additional acre must be preserved (i.e. five houses built on one acre = six acres to be preserved).
  • Acquisitions
    • 515 Acres Preserved
    • Tri-Valley Conservancy Funds – $5,659,795
    • Grants – $2,858,333
  • Bonus Density
    • 615 Acres Preserved
    • 10 Conservation Easements on over 30 properties
    • Bonus Density program allows property owners to subdivide their properties into 20 acre parcels providing that they place their property under Agricultural Conservation Easement.