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When we spend time outdoors, it helps keep us healthier. Studies are racking up data that indicates a connection between being in nature and improved physical, mental and even spiritual health. Scientific research in Conservation Biology proves connections between open spaces are healthier for nature too-providing plant and animal species with the space, food, water and reproductive options they need to survive. In order to keep all of the Tri-Valley healthy, we work to connect protected open space for the benefit of people, plants and wildlife.

One of the ways Tri-Valley Conservancy helps to connect open spaces is by protecting land through conservation easements or through acquisition like the purchase of the 74 acre Bobba property which was then added to Sycamore Grove Park in 2014. The park expansion added  a wildlife corridor for the deer, bobcats, foxes and coyotes often seen crossing the property to reach surrounding protected lands. It also allowed public access to great views and more importantly trail connection opportunities between Sycamore Grove Park to Del Valle Regional Park which connects to Ohlone and Sunol Regional Wildernesses all the way to Mission Peak Regional Preserve in Fremont.

We work in partnership with public agencies such as the Livermore Regional Park District and the East Bay Regional Park District to ensure that our natural open spaces are preserved for the benefit of future generations.

Once park land is protected and connected, we and our volunteers need help with ongoing projects like riparian restoration, habitat restoration and trails projects within our community. You can learn more about how we Care for the Land here.