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Preserving land is critical to protect it forever. Once land is preserved it needs a little care to keep them healthy so they can provide local wine and food, lovely trails, wildlife habitat, fresh air and cleaner water.

You can help ensure our protected lands are getting the care and management they need by joining us on a Stewardship Visit. Steward volunteers spend a couple hours outside visiting some of the beautiful properties protected by Tri-Valley Conservancy Conservation Easements. To participate, contact our office by email here info@trivalleyconservancy.org or call us at (925) 449-8706.


At its simplest, land stewardship means managing property. For Tri-Valley Conservancy, stewardship means annually visiting properties held under conservation easement to ensure the land’s resources are properly managed and protected so its agriculture, wildlife or recreation can thrive.

Private Land Stewardship and Easement Monitoring

We value our local landowners who know the best way to steward the land. With their help and guidance, we preserve the conservation values and resources that we all cherish. Each of the individual properties held under easement is required to be monitored annually for compliance with the terms of the conservation easement.

Public Land Stewardship

Tri-Valley Conservancy also holds easements on public lands within our community. As such, Tri-Valley Conservancy and our supporters take an active role in managing and maintaining them for resource protection and public enjoyment. In addition to the annual monitoring of these easements Tri-Valley Conservancy assists by organizing teams of volunteers for clean-up efforts, trail construction and maintenance, planting, watering, habitat restoration, non-native plant removal, and other work projects.