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Summer 2021 Interns, Chloe Brickwedel (left) and Anika Nicolas (right), visiting Page Mill Winery to learn about sustainable winemaking processes

Thank you to our summer interns for the important work that they accomplished for TVC! Read more about our interns and what they learned from their experience.

Chloe Brickwedel

Chloe Brickwedel is an incoming senior at the University of Nevada, Reno. She is majoring in Environmental Science with a focus on ecological conservation and restoration. Chloe is an environmental advocate interested in making positive contributions to land management by conserving or restoring diverse native ecosystems. With this major, she has taken coursework that covers conservation biology, ecology, restoration, ecosystem management, and GIS. 

During her time at TVC, Chloe has learned about the history of the Tri-Valley and the agriculture community, as well as the importance of being a good steward of the land. She now has a better understanding of how TVC works to protect land to allow the Tri-Valley community the opportunity to produce local wine and food, enjoy the outdoors, and keep our water and air cleaner. 

As an intern, Chloe ensured proper stewardship of the land, built relationships with local landowners, focused on accurate record-keeping, and completed research on important topics affecting local agriculture and open space. In collaboration with other TVC employees, she also worked on elevating TVC’s profile within the community through the development of program materials for the Youth in Nature Program and the creation of infographics and articles for promotion on social media and in the quarterly newsletters. Through her internship work, Chloe has greatly improved her organization, time management, and communication skills. Chloe has also become familiar with programs such as Canva, the Office 265 Suite, and Google Earth while at TVC. This internship has given Chloe the opportunity to better understand how a non-profit functions, and has allowed her to gain experience in the field about which she is so passionate. 

Chloe plans to graduate in the Spring of 2022 and hopes to pursue a career related to ecological conservation and restoration. Her time at TVC has sparked her interest in agriculture and how important using sustainable methods for farming is key to success in the future. Chloe also has plans to work with the Desert Farming Initiative at the University of Nevada, Reno during her senior year. This program operates a diversified organic farm producing many varieties of fruits, vegetables, and herbs and is used for education, research, and demonstration of fresh produce farming in the high desert climate. Chloe hopes to use her knowledge after graduation to promote agriculture and help farmers and ranchers adapt to using greener farming methods while emphasizing the importance of land protection and preservation for future generations. 

Anika Nicolas

Anika Nicolas is a rising junior at Reed College. She is studying computer science. Her positive experience in environmental activism in high school made her interested in working for the Tri-Valley Conservancy–a group working to preserve open spaces and agriculture.

During her internship at the Tri-Valley Conservancy(TVC), Anika mainly focused on completing stewardship visits. These visits allowed Anika to understand the crux of what TVC does by seeing the properties which they fight to preserve. After completing the visits, she would write reports updating the records on any changes to the property. By doing this work, Anika became familiar with the inner workings of the Conservancy. During the visits, she connected with the owners and learned about the histories of the properties. Getting to see the land from these unique perspectives at places inaccessible to the general public, Anika truly saw the beauty of the valley and felt passionate about the fight for its preservation. 

Additionally, Anika worked on the Youth In Nature program at the Conservancy–a program dedicated to educating future generations about the importance of open spaces. This project helped Anika feel engaged with the community, despite covid restrictions, as the journal entries she created will be used by future children. 

Moreover, Anika worked in Google Earth to define building envelopes on the maps for each property. This assignment allowed Anika to familiarize herself with the history of each project. Working with new tools to map the envelopes, Anika felt proud to make future visits easier as the monitoring forms now have outlines of building envelopes.

Anika wrote an article about the California drought in which she discovered how climate change exacerbates drought conditions. The drought negatively impacts farmers forcing many to pull out their crops. These struggles have rekindled her interest in combating climate change.

In her next two years at Reed College, Anika hopes to join clubs focused on environmental conservation. Her time at Tri-Valley Conservancy has truly motivated and inspired her to continue to fight to preserve open spaces and fight climate change.

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