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Strong Commitment to Public Trust and Conservation Excellence

Livermore, CA (Dec 1, 2020) – One thing that unites us as a nation is land: Americans strongly support saving the open spaces they love. For the past 25 years, Tri-Valley Conservancy has been doing just that for the people of Livermore. Now Tri-Valley Conservancy announced it has renewed its land trust accreditation – proving once again that, as part of a network of over 400 accredited land trusts across the nation, it is committed to professional excellence and to maintaining the public’s trust in its conservation work.

“Renewing our accreditation shows Tri-Valley Conservancy’s ongoing commitment to permanent land conservation in the Tri-Valley,” said Laura Mercier, Tri-Valley Conservancy’s Executive Director. “This accomplishment is a testament to the best practices of our organization and the ongoing support of our community. Accreditation means that we can continue to conserve sensitive and important land in the Tri-Valley for our community and our children to enjoy forever.”

Tri-Valley Conservancy provided extensive documentation and was subject to a comprehensive third-party evaluation prior to achieving this distinction. The Land Trust Accreditation Commission awarded renewed accreditation, signifying its confidence that Tri-Valley Conservancy’s lands will be protected forever.

This year, Tri-Valley Conservancy has preserved an additional 425 acres of sensitive habitat land. These lands will provide homes for endangered species and connect wildlife corridors to help animals, such as the California Tiger Salamander, Burrowing Owl, and Kit Fox, thrive. They have also been working closely with the UC Agricultural Issues Center to ensure the sustainability of the Livermore Valley Wine Country in our changing economy and climate.

“It is exciting to recognize Tri-Valley Conservancy’s continued commitment to national standards by renewing this national mark of distinction,” said Melissa Kalvestrand, executive director of the Commission. “Donors and partners can trust the more than 400 accredited land trusts across the country are united behind strong standards and have demonstrated sound finances, ethical conduct, responsible governance, and lasting stewardship.”

Tri-Valley Conservancy is one of 1,363 land trusts across the United States according to the Land Trust Alliance’s most recent National Land Trust Census. A complete list of accredited land trusts and more information about the process and benefits can be found at www.landtrustaccreditation.org.

About the Tri-Valley Conservancy

The Tri-Valley Conservancy is dedicated to the preservation of agricultural and open space land in the Tri-Valley for the benefit of the current and future generations. The Conservancy works to bolster the winemaking and farming community, while ensuring the open space land in the Tri-Valley is cared for and remains permanently protected and biologically diverse forever. They also run the Discovery: Youth in Nature program, which educates more than 1,000 fourth-grade students each year on the importance of the environment and agriculture. Established in 1994, Tri-Valley Conservancy conserves nearly 5,000 acres across the Tri-Valley and is continually advocating on behalf of environmentalists and farmers to preserve the character and beauty of the Tri-Valley forever.

About the Land Trust Accreditation Commission

The Land Trust Accreditation Commission inspires excellence, promotes public trust, and ensures permanence in the conservation of open lands by recognizing organizations that meet rigorous quality standards and strive for continuous improvement. The Commission, established in 2006 as an independent program of the Land Trust Alliance, is governed by a volunteer board of diverse land conservation and nonprofit management experts. For more, visit www.landtrustaccreditation.org.