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The Short Ridge Preserve is located within a region of rolling hills and valleys south of Mt. Diablo. The Short Ridge Trail is mostly grassland with scattered trees consisting of valley oak, coast live oak, and buckeye. This habitat supports gopher snakes, racers, Northern Pacific rattlesnakes, acorn woodpeckers, scrub jays, black-tailed titmouse, Western bluebirds, Northern orioles, lazuli buntings, and loggerhead shrikes.

Distance: 2 miles

Time: 1 hour

Altitude gain: 320 feet

Address: 2101 Holbrook Drive Danville, CA 94506


Hours: 5am – 10pm unless otherwise posted or permitted

Staging area supports vehicles and horse trailers.

The trail is an unpaved multiple use trail.



Not suitable for wheelchair users

Bikes and horses not permitted when trails are wet

Keep gates closed to keep cattle inside the park


Photos: East Bay Regional Park District, ebparks.org