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Sample Conservation Easement

The Conservancy acquires conservation easements through purchase or donation. A conservation easement is a legal agreement between a property owner and the Conservancy. The easement places permanent restrictions on future use in order to maintain the property’s agricultural, scenic, or habitat value. As a legal deed restriction, the easement runs with the land in perpetuity. The Conservancy becomes the custodian of all or part of a property’s development rights through the conservation easement.

The Conservancy only acquires easements from willing landowners. The value of the easement is mutually agreed upon by the landowner and the Conservancy and is based upon the development potential and conservation value of the property.

In addition to purchasing easements the Conservancy accepts donations of easements. A landowner donating an easement may receive property and estate tax benefits. Landowners dedicating easements to the Conservancy play a vital role in protecting the Valley’s agricultural productivity and open space character for present and future generations.

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