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Supporters like you helped protect Doolan Canyon as a beautiful buffer between Dublin
and Livermore. You saved this last remaining open space between the two cities from dense development with an urban growth boundary. Thanks to your support, we were able to help Dublin residents defeat Measure T, which would have opened the canyon up to at least 2,000 more houses. Ranching and recreation can continue in Doolan Canyon—for now.

The Canyon’s scenic rolling hills are habitat for rare and threatened species, including golden eagles, Callippe silverspot butterflies and American badgers, which are making a comeback in the Tri-Valley thanks to your conservation efforts. The canyon’s natural lake even draws shorebirds such as American Avocets and black-necked stilts. It’s no wonder the East Bay Regional Park District has a park planned for this stunning area. Doolan Canyon is a priority for us, too.

Defeating Measure T in November 2014 was just the most recent step in saving Doolan Canyon. An urban growth boundary is great progress but not foolproof. Now that urban development would require voter approval to break the boundary, we are on the right path to protecting its wild beauty. It will be no small feat, but we’re collaborating with all of our partners in the area to successfully create an open space protection program for Doolan Canyon. We’re exploring our full range of land conservation tools, which now includes our approval by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to hold conservation easements.

With your continued support, our vision is to permanently protect Doolan Canyon as open space so that you, wildlife and future generations can enjoy this place forever. You made this first step possible, but we can’t make it permanent without you. Will you make a donation today to help us continue this critical project?