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You preserved 178 acres of wildlife habitat at the mouth of Doolan Canyon between Livermore and Dublin!

The open rolling grasslands and ponds provide high quality habitat for threatened Western burrowing owls, California tiger salamanders, California red-legged frogs, and other wildlife. Open grasslands like these are quickly disappearing and along with them, so are many of the other wildlife that burrowing owls need to survive. That’s because burrowing owls rely on the abandoned burrows of mammals like groundsquirrels, badgers, foxes and coyotes to make their homes in. As the Tri-Valley’s natural lands are developed, open spaces and burrows become a hot commodity for competing wildlife, leaving the dwindling burrowing owl population without a long leg to stand on.

Can you imagine being homeless, just hoping to find an abandoned place for shelter? Unfortunately for this tiny owl, that’s exactly what she has to do. For her and her kind, time is running out. But there is hope. And that hope is you.

Despite their predicament, these peculiarly long-legged owls are known for enthusiastically greeting visitors by nodding or dancing for them. Cowboys used to call them the “howdy birds” since they could always be counted on for a friendly hello even in a lonely landscape. Sadly, these Western Burrowing owls are a threatened species.

But thanks to your support, 178 acres of land have been preserved in North Livermore that supports wildlife including the threatened Western burrowing owl, California tiger salamander, California red-legged frogs, and other wildlife. With your help, once this habitat is protected, we’ll begin building natural burrows that will provide shelter for the burrowing owls, California tiger salamanders and other wildlife. This “Burrowing Owl Condo Project” will provide critical shelter, blend seamlessly into the landscape, and become part of the complex interconnected wildlife tunnels that are crucial for our local ecosystem.

This is just one of the many projects that your generosity supports. We can’t preserve and restore this land, or any others, without you. You are the hope to help save our wildlife, our plants, our agriculture, our land.

You can help save more lands like these forever for you, wildlife and future generations to enjoy by making donation today to help us protect more of the Tri-Valley’s lands for parks, trails, farms, ranches, vineyards and wildlife like the burrowing owl before it’s too late.

When you make a donation to Tri-Valley Conservancy, it helps us preserve land forever. You’re making a gift that you, wildlife and future generations will get to enjoy.