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Preserving South Livermore

4,345 Acres Preserved in South Livermore

64 Conservation Easements on over 100 properties

South Livermore has always been an area rich with fertile soils, good weather, and rolling hills perfect for the cultivation of agriculture, especially vineyards. It is home to the oldest and most prestigious wine regions in California. However, more than 25 years ago, that legacy was almost lost.

Through the inception of the South Livermore Valley Area Plan and the creation of the Tri-Valley Conservancy, local interest groups, the cities of Livermore and Pleasanton, developers, wineries, and growers helped preserve the heritage and success of South Livermore as a premier wine-growing region.

Today, we enjoy the benefits of its vision of careful development, ag land conservation, and consistent investment in the Livermore area. The map above shows the properties in the South Livermore Valley that are preserved through conservation easements. Below are some of the tools that TVC utilizes to preserve agricultural land within the South Livermore Valley.

Tools to Preserve Agricultural Land

South Livermore Valley Area Plan

The SLVAP is the vision document for the preservation of land in the most fertile areas in Livermore. It also allows property owners to subdivide their properties into 20-acre parcels providing that they place their property under Agricultural Conservation Easement.

615 Acres Preserved

South Livermore Valley Specific Plan

South Livermore Valley Specific Plan
The SLVSP requires that one acre must be preserved for every house built and for every acre built upon, an additional acre must be preserved (i.e. five houses built on one acre = six acres to be preserved).

3,215 Acres Preserved

Direct Acquisition

Through your support and organizational partnerships, the Tri-Valley Conservancy has the funds to seek out important agricultural in the Tri-Valley for permanent preservation.

More than 500 acres of agricultural land that is threatened with development have be saved through the direct purchase of development rights.

This means that the property owner receives a stipend so that they can continue their agricultural operations on their property into perpetuity.

TVC Funds….$5,659,795

Grants ………..$2,858,333

515 Acres Preserved

Click here to download a PDF copy of the South Livermore Valley Area Plan.

Click here to download a PDF copy of the South Livermore Valley Specific Plan.