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Marc Davis
Advisory Council Member

Marc DavisMarc Davis is a fine art photographer specializing in landscapes of California and the Southwest.  Marc first picked up a fully manual 35mm SLR at the age of twelve. Developing and printing in his school’s darkroom, he fell in love with photography as art, and that passion burns stronger than ever today, three decades later.

In recent years, Marc has embarked on a journey to use his camera as an instrument for capturing the natural beauty in the world around us so that he can share it with others. Inspired by his love for the great outdoors, his focus is on nature photography. The primary motivation for his art is to enable viewers to see the same beauty in nature, and perhaps encourage them to do just a little more to protect the precious lands all around us.
You might find his photography on exhibition at some of the following places: Firehouse Arts Center / Harrington GalleryCalifornia State Fair, New Britain Museum of American Art, Alameda County FairLivermore Public Library, local wineries, the Bankhead Theater / Bothwell Arts CenterBagel Street Cafe in Blackhawk, First Street Ale House, Dougherty Station Art Gallery, as well as various other businesses and publications throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.