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Allison Batteate
Advisory Council Member

Allison BatteateAllison Batteate is a 5th generation Alameda County native interested in keeping conservation mitigation IN Alameda County projects.   Allison and her husband Albert own the 65-acre Batteate Ranch which is the “Home Ranch” to their cow/calf operation in Livermore.

Allison was involved with the Partnership for Land Conservation and Stewardship (PLCS) and sat on the Advisory Panel for East Alameda County Conservation Strategy (EACCS).

Allison runs the Batteate BabyDolls, an organic vegetation management system that uses miniature sheep.  At 24″ tall at the shoulder, Old English Miniature BabyDoll Southdown Sheep are perfect for grazing between rows in the vineyard because they can eat the weeds without damaging the grapevines.