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You have helped to preserve parks, vineyards, wildlife habitat, farms, ranches, and orchards like the lovely rows of pistachio trees on Chris and Patti Ising’s Ising Ranch. To celebrate our successes together and to look to the opportunities ahead, the Isings graciously opened their home and invite us all for the 2018 Summer Celebration!
We hope you had as much fun as we did celebrating our successes together this year while surrounded by examples of the great work we can continue together, such as preserving more lands like the lovely Ising Ranch and the beautiful places captured in our amazing photographer’s Freeze Frame photos!
Our enormous gratitude to Chris and Patti Ising for opening their ranch to us! Thanks to Jim Hurley of Music Pathways for the exquisite musical accompaniment. Congratulations to all of our Freeze Frame photographers, we appreciate you sharing your time and talents with us!
Thank you very much for all of your efforts to preserve the lands that give us food, wine, parks, trails and wildlife for everyone to enjoy for generations to come!