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Congratulations to our 2018 winners!

With such beautiful lands preserved by you and your fellow Tri-Valley Conservancy supporters, your eyes will be sure to thank you for showing them this year’s Top 25 photos from Freeze Frame! All of the stunning shots were taken right here in the Tri-Valley and help showcase the value of your work to preserve land.

After receiving amazing entries, our judges have selected the Top 25 photos and the public has selected our People’s Choice awards from both the Adult and Youth categories.

Winning photos will be on exhibit across the Tri-Valley, featured in our 2019 calendar and help us to show why we need to protect these places that make our home so amazing (like parks, vineyards, farms and ranches)!

Want to enjoy these gorgeous photos all year? The top 12 (Top 9 adult photos and Top 3 youth photos) will be featured in our 2019 Calendar! Coming soon!

Our heartfelt congratulations and appreciation to all of the photographers who entered!