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Dublin Hills Regional Park spans approximately 654 acres within an undeveloped open space corridor of a main ridge that connects Donlon Point on the Park’s southern boundary to Wiedemann Hill on adjacent private property to the north. It is interspersed with steep-sloped canyon. The Park’s trails provide local access and offer excellent views for hikers, bicyclists, and equestrians. The Calaveras Ridge Trail begins near the Schaefer Ranch development and delivers you to grassland areas largely untouched since the 1800s.

Distance: 2.5-3 miles

Time: 4 hours

Altitude Gain: 280 Feet

Address: 9897 Dublin Boulevard, Dublin, CA 94568


Hours: 8am – 4:30pm unless otherwise posted or permitted. 8am-7pm from March-November

Staging area supports vehicles and horse trailers

Trail is an unpaved multiple use trail.


Photos: East Bay Regional Park District, ebparks.org