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Currently, 85% of California is facing an extreme drought. Nearly two million people in the San Francisco Bay Area are experiencing a water shortage emergency. The increasing intensity of climate change and extreme fluctuations in weather patterns over the years has caused significant changes to our water availability. 

This shift has led to decreased snowpack and rain which has made our hills vulnerable to the devastating wildfires that are endangering our communities more and more each year. 

And it is just getting worse. Our community is already feeling the effects of a dry year, but for our farmers and ranchers, the situation is even more dire. Eleven out of the twelve California reservoirs, that agriculture heavily relies on, are below their historical average. If our crops dry, we may lose them for good. 

See interactive satellite images of California reservoirs in extreme drought   

Productive, well-maintained wine crops can provide a natural firebreak. If this drought continues, it could stress local food and wine production to a breaking point, leaving our communities vulnerable to rampant wildfire. 

Tri-Valley Conservancy is working with our stakeholders and partners to find sustainable solutions that will prevent the worst effects of drought for the protection of our wine country and community now and in the future.

You can help in the effort to protect our water resources. Saving water can help save money on utility bills, reduce pollution resulting from leaks and help septic systems run better and last longer. Everyday changes can make a big difference. Check out some creative ideas to lower your water consumption in your daily routine:

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