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Please make checks payable to Tri-Valley Conservancy. Checks may be sent to:
Tri-Valley Conservancy
1457 First Street
Livermore, CA 94550

Lucky you! You live in one of the most amazing places in the world. Although, we’re a little biased, having parks, trails, wildlife, and homegrown wines and foods is pretty spectacular.

But it wouldn’t be so wonderful without people like you. That’s because people just like you have helped preserve the land that makes all of those spectacular things possible. Thanks to you and your fellow supporters, 4,345 acres of land have been preserved for people and wildlife to enjoy forever. That includes some of your favorite places like Sycamore Grove Park, Holdener Park, and local vineyards, farms, ranches and orchards. But there are still important places to protect. And we can’t do it alone.

There are so many more amazing things we can do together that will impact our community forever. There’s more to discover right here in the Tri-Valley than most people realize!

Did You Know?

  • Did you know we have our own endangered species?
    The Livermore tarplant hasn’t been found anywhere else outside of Livermore. It grows only in four special areas of habitat known as Alkali Sink. But just one of those areas is protected.


  • Did you know we have shrimp?
    Overlooking that protected tarplant habitat is Brushy Peak which provides special habitat of it’s own. Hike tours at Brushy Peak Regional Preserve showcase it’s unique features like wind caves and seasonal pools that can be home to vernal pool fairy shrimp.


  • Did you know many local boys and girls have never been on a hike?
    For nearly half of the 4th graders who have taken our Discovery Youth in Nature Program, the fieldtrip was their first chance to hike in nature. After, 100% of the students wanted to preserve more agriculture and park land.


  • Did you know we grow more than grapes?
    Local preserved lands grow many different crops including olives, pomegranates, truffles, pistachios and much more. Farmers markets and potential community gardens are a great way to provide information and fresh food.

You can:

  • Help protect the endangered Livermore tarplant with the City of Livermore
  • Connect Tri-Valley parks with trails to increase public access and recreation opportunities through our Valley Trail Connections program
  • Provide hundreds more boys and girls with environmental science education and a nature hike with our Discovery Youth in Nature program
  • Inform people about local agriculture through a community garden with the City of Pleasanton
  • Preserve more natural and agricultural land for people and wildlife to enjoy forever


You and your fellow supporters have raised $5,000 goal to help us to continue collaborations to preserve new lands, monitor local land use planning, and care for our preserved lands in the beginning of 2018.

Please join us by making a donation today to protect open space for you, wildlife and future generations to enjoy! Because there is so much more to explore in the Tri-Valley!