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Please make checks payable to Tri-Valley Conservancy. Checks may be sent to:
Tri-Valley Conservancy
1457 First Street
Livermore, CA 94550

Because of you, amidst the the Bay Area’s hustle and bustle, the Tri-Valley has locally grown food and wine, gorgeous views, and amazing outdoor recreation. It’s what draws and keeps great businesses and people like you. And it’s all thanks to your forethought, generosity, and dedication.

That’s because you know open spaces are where our food, wine, places to play, fresh air and clean water come from. You know that as our communities grow, it’s even more crucial that we save the critical lands that give us so much before they’re gone. You do just that. More than 4,500 acres of land have been preserved forever in the Tri-Valley for you, wildlife, and future generations to enjoy.

You’ve accomplished great things this year!

You preserved 78 acres of habitat for threatened Western burrowing owls, California tiger salamanders, and other wildlife in Doolan Canyon.

You’re ready to break ground to connect a trail linking five parks from Livermore to Fremont.

You reached hundreds more boys and girls than ever before through environmental science lessons and hands-on experience in nature with two new educators this year.

But that’s just the beginning. There’s so much more we can do together! Next year, you can:

Connect Trails by constructing the bridge that is the final piece to link the 44-mile regional trail. The connection may become part of one of only 30 National Historic Trails! Next fall, we hope you will be able to take a hike on the trail you have connected for you, wildlife, and future generations to enjoy forever!


Protect Wildlife like the threatened Western burrowing owls by building the burrows they need in their habitat, and working to preserve four more threatened wildlife habitats on our immediate preservation list.


Educate Youth by doubling the Discovery Youth in Nature program area to help more of the next generation’s boys and girls understand the importance of preserving our critical lands.


Support Agriculture through land preservation, events, and working with partners and landowners to find sustainable economic and environmental solutions so local agriculture—needed more than ever for our growing populations—doesn’t fall to our country’s alarming rate of disappearing farmland.

Will you consider making a donation to help make these imperative projects possible before it’s too late?

Your gift will affect as much change as possible by preserving the critical resources of natural and agricultural land that we, and all generations, will need. Not only will you be making a difference that lasts forever, your donation will help make next year, the 25th Anniversary of preserving the Tri-valley together, the most successful yet!

Please donate today to preserve what’s most important for you, wildlife, and future generations, forever.