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To best serve our growing Tri-Valley’s needs, we have evolved our strategies to make sure that we will always have the locally grown food and wine, fresher air, cleaner water, and parks and trails that only open spaces can provide us.

We are excited to share with you Tri-Valley Conservancy’s updated Mission and Vision to help us prioritize the most impactful projects to leave the Tri-Valley a better place for you, wildlife, and future generations.

  • Our Vision: A Tri-Valley region where agricultural, range and park lands are preserved and enhanced for the benefit of current and future generations.
  • Our Mission: Promote economically sustainable vineyards and orchards, and increase permanently protected, biologically diverse open spaces.

This will guide our work with updated goals and new methods to protect our critical lands, including safeguarding urban growth boundaries, conducting studies to support agricultural sustainability, and engaging the next generation with the outdoors.


The board and staff of Tri-Valley Conservancy met and had a series of discussions that led to the development of an updated strategic plan.

Tri Valley Conservancy’s Strategic Plan was designed to take advantage of opportunities and respond to the challenges facing the Tri-Valley region. The Strategic Plan that provides the goals and objectives to guide our actions through the upcoming years to help our supporters make this biggest permanent impact possible. This Plan will be reviewed each year and updated as needed.

This Strategic Plan builds on over 20 years of work and includes updated strategies for dealing with new and existing opportunities.

If you have any suggestions, please contact us at info@trivalleyconservancy.org.

To download a pdf of the Tri-Valley Conservancy’s Strategic Plan in its entirety, click here: Strategic Plan.