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Adopted February 17, 2011, Updated July, 2013


The board and staff of  Tri-Valley Conservancy met and had a series of discussions that led to the development of an updated strategic plan.

Tri Valley Conservancy’s Strategic Plan was designed to take advantage of opportunities and respond to the challenges facing the Tri-Valley region. It is a Strategic Plan that provides the goals and objectives to guide our actions through the next three years. This Plan will be reviewed each year and updated as needed.

This Strategic Plan builds on over 15 years of work and includes new strategies for dealing with new and existing opportunities.

Participants in the retreat included the Board of Directors: Ryan Callahan, Connie Campbell, Jeff Cranor, Matt Ford, Michael Fredrich, Art Jeannet, Melody O’Shea, Norm Petermeier, Mary Roberts, Chris Schlies, Clay Widmayer, and Jeff Williams. Staff participants included Laura Mercier, Kellie Hayes, and Andy Ross.

Currently, the 2011-2013 plan has been updated for use through 2016. At this time, a new strategic plan is in progress. If you have any suggestions, please contact us at info@trivalleyconservancy.org.

To download a pdf of the Tri-Valley Conservancy’s three year Strategic Plan in its entirety, click here: Strategic Plan.